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"My whole life has been dedicated to different expressions of love. Love of truth, love of learning and love of others. It is my mission to create a place where peace and harmony dwell. As an Angelic and Spiritual Life Coach, I am inspired to share my teachings with all those who desire to bring healing into their life."

As a naturally gifted holistic practitioner and spiritual life coach, I incorporate metaphysical healing with a variety of different modalities that can bring you into greater health, harmony and peace. This approach offers you all the opportunities you need to create your best life possible.

These include: Integrated Energy Therapy® ("IET®") which is complementary to any healing modality and can be used alone or in combination with other holistic or traditional approaches to accelerate your self-healing journey.

International Center for Reiki Training
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Essentially, it gets the "issues out of your tissues". Traditional Reiki treatments is a Japanese energy healing modality that channels universal life force energy through my hands to you. Then there is Spiritual Healing & Counseling. With a deep understanding of human nature, I am able to step back and help guide you as you work through the complexities of your daily life.

You may find that Intuitive Marketing helps at such times when you may be feeling stagnant, whether personally of professionally. My guided ideas flow constantly and I can help.

As an Angel Therapy Practitioner® I can access guidance from the angelic realm and together, we can use this guidance to benefit you. With my Life Coaching program I work with you to develop the skills to discover new ways to improve your life, whether in relationships, business or health.

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I invite you to explore this site and if any of the healing modalities I practice speaks to you in your search for healing, you are welcome to contact me for a 15 minute complimentary telephone consultation.

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