Intuitive Marketing
Intuitive Marketing

Spiritual Marketing

"Earthy Words of Wisdom, Encouragement and Vision . . ."
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"Nancy’s very matter-of-fact and earthy words of wisdom and encouragement, along with her vision of what you can achieve makes any goal seem very attainable.

She speaks in such a quiet, confidently knowing manner that immediately I could see myself achieving the dream she had dreamt for me that was even better than the one I had dreamt for myself. She is a gem and has taught me how to dream big while taking baby steps!"

— CJ Anderson, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Once Connected, Marketing Ideas Flow Effortlessly

Spiritual Marketing is the art of combining "spiritual intuition" with marketing techiques.

When I connect with a client, marketing ideas flow effortlessly. They always have and I see the project as complete. I not only help clients see that they too can achieve their goals, but it can be a fun and non- stressful process.

Having run a "traditional" business myself I understand what is needed in today’s marketplace with a goal to market you and your business in the best light. And, as a light worker myself, I am truly passionate about helping fellow light workers achieve success.

Through intuitive marketing, I help people market themselves to the right demographics.

Spiritual Life Coaching Long distance sessions are available

If you are interested in speaking to me about Spiritual Marketing, contact me today. I look forward to speaking with you.