Integrated Energy Therapy Workshops and Classes
IET Training and Massage Therapy Continuing Education Hours

Integrated Energy Therapy® Workshops and Classes: Become A Practitioner

IET® Training Classes and Massage Therapist Continuing Education Hours!

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Integrated Energy Therapy® is fun and easy to learn. It is a powerful self-healing technique and can be used to facilitate the treatment of clients. IET® can be used as a stand-alone therapy technique or incorporated as a powerful addition to other techniques such as Reiki and Therapeutic Massage. Nancy teaches the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels of IET®. Please ask about our current teaching schedule.

Integrated Energy Therapy®:)

Unified, Includes Basic IET® and The Healing Angels of The Energy Field.

Immerse yourself in the energy of Angels. Learn how to personally connect with the IET® Healing Angels of The Energy Field, and, how to direct the energy of the same Healing Angels into the nine IET® Cellular Memory areas for healing.

You will receive:

  • The Healing Angels of the Energy Field Manual
  • IET® Basic Level Guide
  • Attunement to Basic IET® Energy Ray that will activate 1st and 2nd DNA Pairs
  • Learn The Heartlink Process, linking you to the Angels and loved ones
  • Connect and form a personal experience with The Healing Angels of the Energy Field
  • Location and use of the IET® Energy Integration Power Points
  • Introduction to energy anatomy and The Cellular Memory Map
  • Increase your Ability to be an Energy Intuitive and “Read Energy”
  • Instruction on Empowerment Session on Self and Others
  • Table Work
Intermediate IET®:

You will receive:

  • Intermediate IET® Level Guide
  • Attunement to Intermediate IET® Energy Ray that will activate the 3rd and 4th DNA Pairs and will empower you
    to pull Energy Imprints out of the Human Energy Field.
  • Learn to clear energy imprints resulting from past life karma
  • Methods to "Esoterically douse" and interpret blockages in the Human Energy Field.
Advance IET®:

Unlock Your Soul's Purpose

You will receive:

  • Attunement to the Advanced IET® Energy Ray which unlocks the 5th DNA Pair and activates the energy of your soul's purpose.
  • Ability to do a "Soul Star" Clearing to activate your soul's purpose
  • Use of The Heartnet Process to manifest your dream
  • Use of the powerful Energy Wave Technique to clear resistance.
  • Build Heartbeams to anchor Angelic Energy into the earth.
Attention All Massage Therapists – Continuing Education Hours Now available!

The National Massage Board accepts Massage Therapist Continuing Education hours for the IET® Classes that you take! Below is the number of CE hours that you can receive after completing these classes:

  • Basic: 8 hours
  • Intermediate: 8 hours
  • Advanced: 8 hours
  • Pets: 8 hours
Integrated Energy Workshops and Classes For Kids®

This class is a unique opportunity for your children/grandchildren/nieces and nephews to learn how to identify negative feelings such as anger, fear, sadness, guilt, etc. within themselves, how they affect people, and how to safely release them in a fun and loving way. Three short hours may be a valuable gift of a lifetime.

In this class they will learn to "heartlink", connecting with the Universal Energy Source and their Angel, creating a place of peace and joy.

  • Send "heartlinks" to their family, friends and pets
  • How to build and use a pendulum to measure energy
  • Draw a picture of their Angel
  • Learn how to clear their energy field
  • Receive a Basic Level IET® attunement
  • Receive a beautifully illustrated Workbook and Certificate
IET® Workshops and Classes For Pets

IET® is a powerful new healing energy therapy system for quickly and easily clearing and empowering the energy anatomy — for people and pets.

  • Learn to apply your IET® skills to help Pets!
  • Expand upon your Basic Level IET® skills.
  • Class and manual covers cats, dogs and horses.
  • Increase your ability to be an energy intuitive.
  • Discover the IET® energy power points for pets.
  • Learn how to clear and empower your pet.
  • Certificate given upon completion.

Contact Nancy online now for more information about Integrated Energy Therapy® Workshops and Classes or Massage Therapist Continuing Education hours or call her at Divine Love Institute™ at (954) 920-0050.

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