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The Gift of Seeing Objectively

Spiritual life coaching is a natural part of who I am. My life experience has enabled me to develop my gift of seeing into the core issues behind most situations. I have been doing this "spirit mentoring" my whole life without realizing it. I can objectively see both sides of a story and from that formulate a solution.

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In the last several years I have been guided to read certain books and encouraged to begin training in many areas, that include:

  • Soul and Relationship Challenges
  • Forgiveness Work
  • Color Therapy
  • Emotional Healing
  • Working with Crystals

And, as an ordained interfaith minister with the Alliance of Divine Love, I have found that Spirit comes through me and I am able to offer guidance on the things that come up either through a counseling session or the Angel Therapy Practitioner® session.

Let Me Help You...

My clients have told me that I always find the right words regardless of a situation; that I am a good mediator with an objective viewpoint of the issues seen from the perspective of the highest degree of love. Let me help you!

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